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Currently living in Columbus, Ohio.
Works with MediaShift.
Freelance interactive developer.
Previously worked at PublicSource.
Posts code to github.
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I was hired at PublicSource to create a website and digital infrastructure for a news organization that didn’t even have a name yet. In the time that I was with PublicSource, I designed, developed, managed and updated the website and branding. I also created custom functionality to further readership and partnerships, analyzed and developed data graphics and apps, and processed analytics to produce actionable reports. It was a great 4.5 years.

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the documentary works

The Documentary Works is photo documentary project that addresses social and environmental issues. I assist them in developing online platforms to display each issue that they tackle.

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troubled kids, powerful drugs

Troubled Kids, Powerful Drugs is a PublicSource data project that looked at more than 80,000 medical invoice records from state-run juvenile detention centers in Pennsylvania. I assisted in the cleaning, processing, and analyzing of the records. In conjunction with INN, I also built the news app used to display the data to the public.

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tax calculator

The tax calculator is a PublicSource app created to help residents estimate how their taxes might change under two proposed tax plans. I used Ractive.js to create a responsive content app that allows users to quickly explore how each plan might effect themselves, their neighbors, their bosses, etc.

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jail settlements

This interactive map allows users to explore legal settlements involving Kentucky jails. More than $52 million has been paid out during the past 15 years to settle these legal claims.

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The shale boom in the United States and Canada has created an increase in the transportation of crude oil by rail. PublicSource and Carnegie Mellon University's CREATElab created an interactive map that shows where crude is traveling through the state of Pennsylvania, illustrating a half mile evacuation zone around the rail line and plotting schools and nursing homes within the evacuation zone to give the user an idea of the impact a derailment could have on their community.

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single moms

Using census data, we were able to analyze the financial and educational situation of single moms in the state of Pennsylvania.

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drug oversight

This graphic was created for one of the stories in PublicSource's Troubled Kids, Powerful Drugs project which looked at more than 80,000 medical invoice records from state-run juvenile detention centers in Pennsylvania.

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pittsburgh rails

The first iteration of the larger, Pennsylvania-wide analysis, this static map illustrates the effect a crude train derailment could have on the residents of Pittsburgh, PA.

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Bike-minded was an initiative created to entice city dwellers to consider biking as a legitimate means of transportation both in general and for themselves specifically. I created the concept, branding and marketing, and held the actual event in the city of Baltimore. Bike-minded is intended to be an annual event, functional in any city.

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