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You have reached the site of Alexandra Kanik.

She currently lives in Pittsburgh,
works at PublicSource
and tries to make and contribute to
awesome interactive data projects.

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Info graphic that illustrates overtime-spending and employee data for Allegheny County.


man walks into a room

Book cover design for Man Walks into a Room by Nicole Krauss. The story follows a man who has lost his memory and is in search of his true identity.

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Bike-minded is an initiative created to entice city dwellers to consider biking as a legitimate means of transportation both in general and for themselves specifically. I created the concept, the brand, the posters, the advertisements, and held the actual event in Baltimore City. Each poster was screen printed by hand using earth-friendly materials and water-based inks. Bike-minded is intended to be an annual event, functional in any city.

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Initial designer/developer in the start-up of PublicSource, an independent news organization in Pittsburgh, Pa. Created brand and branding materials, designed and developed website with Drupal content management system, developed custom functionality for journalism needs.

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The Marcellus Shale Documentary Project (msdp) is a photographic effort aimed at documenting the effect that Marcellus Shale drilling is having on the land and people of Pennslyvania. This website was built with Drupal and is built with a responsive layout that will adapt to the media device used to view it.

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rational act clothing site

Remodeled site for Rational Act Clothing an organic, sustainable screen printing company. The site is a single page with scrolling navigation. It includes layers of content meant to comment on the layering process used in the process of screen printing.

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tax calculator

Created a tax calculator that would help citizens understand how proposed legislation would change their state taxes. ractive.js


crude-oil map

Developed a map to illustrate the path that Bakken crude oil takes through Pennsylvania, and collect data (population, school, hospital and nursing home counts) from within that path's danger zone. QGIS, Google Maps API