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You have reached the site of Alexandra Kanik.

She currently lives in Pittsburgh,
works at PublicSource
and tries to make and contribute to
awesome interactive data projects.

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a short history of nearly everything

Book cover design for A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. The narrative addresses the various fields of science using general, laymens terms.

man walks into a room

Book cover design for Man Walks into a Room by Nicole Krauss. The story follows a man who has lost his memory and is in search of his true identity.

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university of maryland architecture lectures

A poster for a fictional University of Maryland School of Architecture lecture series.

dimensions: 13in x 19in

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helvetica nation

An organized group of Helvetica townspeople made entirely out of the disassembled pieces of the typeface Helvetica. They were featured in Design School Confidential: Extraordinary Class Projects From the International Design Schools, Colleges, and Institutes by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico.

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Bike-minded is an initiative created to entice city dwellers to consider biking as a legitimate means of transportation both in general and for themselves specifically. I created the concept, the brand, the posters, the advertisements, and held the actual event in Baltimore City. Each poster was screen printed by hand using earth-friendly materials and water-based inks. Bike-minded is intended to be an annual event, functional in any city.

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blackcreek tea company

Blackcreek Tea Company is a fabricated tea company for which I gathered research, created the brand and developed the packaging. Blackcreek tea is a high-end tea, geared toward experienced tea drinkers.

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rational act clothing company

A line of business products designed for Rational Act Clothing, a company dedicated to sustainable screen printing. They use only organic cottons and earth-friendly inks and materials.

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alexis wilson, massage therapist

Logo and business card development for an emerging massage therapist.

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ctownhomes logo

Identity design for a small construction company, Ctownhomes, based out of Carrolltown, PA.

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Initial designer/developer in the start-up of PublicSource, an independent news organization in Pittsburgh, Pa. Created brand and branding materials, designed and developed website with Drupal content management system, developed custom functionality for journalism needs.

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orbis caffe

Redesign and development for a Pittsburgh-based cafe that specializes in homemade foods and refined coffee brewing. This website was built with Drupal and is built with a responsive layout that will adapt to the media device used to view it.

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potomac exchange

Redesign and development for the Potomac Exchange, a Washington D.C. based organization that brings together business executives and foreign ambassadors for networking purposes. This website was built with Drupal and is built with a responsive layout that will adapt to the media device used to view it.

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The Marcellus Shale Documentary Project (msdp) is a photographic effort aimed at documenting the effect that Marcellus Shale drilling is having on the land and people of Pennslyvania. This website was built with Drupal and is built with a responsive layout that will adapt to the media device used to view it.

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pittsburgh filmmakers/pittsburgh center for the arts websites

Recreated the web presence of Pittsburgh Filmmakers/Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (pf/pca) by enhancing and expanding the design aspects of the site, and converting all site data to a Drupal framework. Previously two completely separate sites (Pittsburgh Filmmakers and Pittsburgh Center for the Arts), all aspects of the pf/pca organization were analyzed and divided into three subdomains, all with the same layout and style with only a differentiation in color and content.

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rational act clothing site

Remodeled site for Rational Act Clothing an organic, sustainable screen printing company. The site is a single page with scrolling navigation. It includes layers of content meant to comment on the layering process used in the process of screen printing.

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